A List Of Healthy Things To Eat For Lunch

Lunch is an important meal as it refuels your body and gets it ready for the afternoon, and prevents hunger pangs and binge eating before dinner. It is very important that you plan your lunch in a proper way, so that together with keeping you satisfied it is also healthy. Below are mentioned various healthy things to eat for lunch.


Salad is quick and easy to prepare and at the same time one of the healthy things to eat for lunch. Moreover, it is versatile, and you can keep changing the ingredients to enjoy new tastes. You can start with some vegetables and leafy greens. Cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms and bell peppers add up to make an extremely healthy salad. Owing to the vegetables your body gets enough fiber and vitamins. To make the salad healthier and to fill you up you can add some protein to your salad. Broccoli, spinach, chopped hard boiled eggs and beans are good options. Your salad should also include some healthy fat that will give you enough energy for the afternoon and avocado and olive oil is good enough. Make sure to use low fat dressing so that sugar, fat and calorie content are kept low.


In your list of healthy things to eat for lunch, soup should hold a place of importance. A healthy soup provides your body with the nutrients it needs and prevents you from using the vending machine in the later part of the day. Make sure you opt for broth based soups since creamy ones are high in calories and fat. Canned soups are very high in sodium, so it is best if you prepare your own soup. You can opt for lean meat, vegetables, whole-grain pasta and beans. This is a good combination of carbohydrates for protein, fiber and energy, will keep you satisfied, and provide your body with nutrients that are essential for good health.


If you need to have your food at your desk or while at the go, wraps are among healthy things to eat for lunch. To increase your fiber intake you can begin with a whole-grain tortilla. You can fill your tortilla with avocado, turkey, shredded carrots, lettuce and some low-fat cheese. You can also opt for sliced banana and peanut butter. Owing to the complex carbohydrates present in both, these combinations provide you with loads of energy, and also offer fiber and protein that fills you up, and you get your share of minerals and vitamins from the vegetables and fruits.

Now that you are aware of the healthy things to eat for lunch, start eating healthy and stay healthy and fit always.

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